Maryville, TN

Maryville Col­lege will bring con­crete resources and pro­grams to Lati­no stu­dents, K-12, col­lege and uni­ver­si­ty staff, and part­ner orga­ni­za­tions in East Ten­nessee. By build­ing for­mal and infor­mal net­works of sup­port for Lati­no stu­dents and for part­ner orga­ni­za­tions they will increase col­lege access, oppor­tu­ni­ty, and infor­ma­tion to stu­dents and fam­i­lies in the region.

They will uti­lize town halls, work­shops, com­mu­ni­ty forums, and a diverse media strat­e­gy to advo­cate for tuition equal­i­ty and increased access to post-sec­ondary insti­tu­tions for undoc­u­ment­ed Ten­nessee grad­u­ates.