Your Guide to Education Savings Accounts and Vouchers in Tennessee

We believe that all chil­dren have the right to achieve their fullest poten­tial in a high qual­i­ty school envi­ron­ment that nur­tures their growth and equips them for suc­cess. We also believe that a key lev­er for stu­dent suc­cess includes a strong account­abil­i­ty sys­tem, sup­port­ed by high stan­dards and aligned assess­ments, that com­mu­ni­cates expec­ta­tions, prompts action and aligns appro­pri­ate and equi­table resources. Our expec­ta­tion is that any school or sys­tem uti­liz­ing local, state and fed­er­al pub­lic dol­lars to edu­cate stu­dents must be held account­able to the goals and expec­ta­tions laid out in Tennessee’s account­abil­i­ty plan.

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