Conex­ión Améri­c­as, in part­ner­ship with the Migra­tion Pol­i­cy Insti­tute, is launch­ing the Ten­nessee Eng­lish Learn­er Net­work. Our goal is to cre­ate a statewide coali­tion of lead­ers, advo­cates, edu­ca­tors, par­ents, stu­dents, and allies in order to become bet­ter informed about Eng­lish Learn­er pol­i­cy and prac­tice. In the com­ing months we will build a shared advo­ca­cy agen­da and will provide reg­u­lar updates with research, work­shops, con­fer­ences, and oppor­tu­ni­ties to advo­cate on behalf of Eng­lish Learn­ers at the state and local lev­el.

The goals of the Eng­lish Learn­er Net­work are:

  • To provide cur­rent research and infor­ma­tion on Eng­lish Learn­ers – local­ly and nation­al­ly
  • To provide data on the pro­gress of Eng­lish Learn­ers in Ten­nessee
  • To con­nect advo­cates and edu­ca­tors across the state to share strate­gies, ideas and best prac­tices
  • To devel­op and pro­mote a shared pol­i­cy plat­form on Eng­lish Learn­ers in order to pro­mote their suc­cess in Ten­nessee
  • To inform and pro­mote poli­cies on a range of issues that impact the suc­cess of Eng­lish Learn­ers

The Eng­lish Learn­er Net­work offi­cial­ly launched on Fri­day Decem­ber 2nd with a webi­nar enti­tled “Eng­lish Learn­ers and ESSA: What does it mean for Ten­nessee?”  led by Delia Pom­pa. Pom­pa is a nation­al expert on Eng­lish Learn­er Edu­ca­tion and the Senior Fel­low for Edu­ca­tion Pol­i­cy at the Migra­tion Pol­i­cy Institute’s Nation­al Cen­ter on Immi­grant Inte­gra­tion Pol­i­cy. This webi­nar will help atten­dees under­stand the impor­tance of the new fed­er­al edu­ca­tion law, the Every Stu­dent Suc­ceeds Act, and what it will mean for EL stu­dents in Ten­nessee. Find it here

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