Educator diversity in Tennessee and why Black girls are more likely to be punished in school

Explor­ing Edu­ca­tor Diver­si­ty in Ten­nessee The 10n­th Peri­od: Edu­ca­tion Research in Ten­nessee 10 Ways Edu­ca­tors Can Take Action in Pur­suit of … Con­tin­ue read­ing Edu­ca­tor diver­si­ty in Ten­nessee and why Black girls are more like­ly to be pun­ished in school

Commissioner Schwinn on school turnaround, principal quality and the cult of homework

What We Are Read­ing Ten­nessee Com­mis­sion­er Schwinn Dis­cuss­es Account­abil­i­ty in School Turn­around Chalk­beat Are Ten­nessee schools plac­ing weak­er teach­ers in non-test­ed … Con­tin­ue read­ing Com­mis­sion­er Schwinn on school turn­around, prin­ci­pal qual­i­ty and the cult of home­work