10 education laws taking effect July 1 in Tennessee, literacy initiative is in jeopardy and how to decrease student absenteeism

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From civics to vap­ing, here are 10 edu­ca­tion laws tak­ing effect July 1 in Ten­nessee Chalk­beat

I’m a pub­lic school teacher in Mem­phis. Here’s why the state’s new voucher-like pro­gram wor­ries me. Chalk­beat

Tennessee’s sweep­ing lit­er­a­cy ini­tia­tive in jeop­ardy as fund­ing dries up Chalk­beat

Ten­nessee signs two-year, $40 mil­lion test­ing con­tract with Pear­son Chalk­beat

New pro­gram will help Knox Coun­ty stu­dents attend and fin­ish col­lege Knox News

The Edu­ca­tion Deserts of Rural Amer­i­ca The Atlantic

How to Decrease Stu­dent Chron­ic Absen­teeism Gallup

New IHEP Report Issues Rec­om­men­da­tions for Accred­i­tors to Strength­en Their Data-Use Prac­tices IHEP

What does the high­er edu­ca­tion land­scape look like in each state?  High­er Learn­ing Advo­cates

DeVos To Make It Tougher For Defraud­ed Stu­dents To Seek Debt Relief NPR

DeVos Calls for Mak­ing ‘Sec­ond Chance Pell’ Per­ma­nent Inside High­er Ed


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