Student Strike, Tech Needs in Rural Areas and Experts in English Language Learner Education

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The Stu­dent Strike That Changed High­er Ed Forever, Codeswitch, NPR

New $600 Mil­lion Fed­er­al Pro­gram Tar­gets Tech Needs of Rural Areas, Edu­ca­tion Week

Con­gress Con­sid­ers Mak­ing Col­lege More Acces­si­ble To Peo­ple In Pris­on, NPR

Meet the Experts in Eng­lish Lan­guage Learn­er Edu­ca­tion, Col­orín Col­orado

The Tri-Star State: Ten­nessee Leg­is­la­ture Keeps Tweak­ing Gov. Lee’s School Voucher-Like Plan, WPLN

How to lead a con­ver­sa­tion between peo­ple who dis­agree, TED Talks Dai­ly

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