Notes from the Legislature

  • Last week…
    • The House High­er Edu­ca­tion sub­com­mit­tee heard its final cal­en­dar, but will meet one more time to take up one bill. All oth­er House Edu­ca­tion sub­com­mit­tees are closed sub­ject to the call of the chairs.
    • The Sen­ate Edu­ca­tion Com­mit­tee passed the Edu­ca­tion Sav­ings Account bill with a 6–3 vote. The Senate’s ver­sion of the bill includes sig­nifi­ant dif­fer­ences from the House coun­ter­part.
    • The House Edu­ca­tion Com­mit­tee met Wednes­day night and passed out many bills includ­ing some on restora­tive jus­tice, alter­na­tive edu­ca­tion for expelled stu­dents, and fund­ing for pri­or­i­ty schools.
  • This week…
    • The Sen­ate Edu­ca­tion Com­mit­tee will have its last meet­ing on Wednes­day at 2:30pm and has a cal­en­dar full of bills to work through.
    • The Edu­ca­tion Sav­ings Account bill was rolled in Sen­ate and House Finance Com­mit­tees today.
    • For a full list of bills in com­mit­tee this week, check out our Bill Track­er.

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